Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The More You Love Someone...

Damn, this was such a great play!!!

Hitatsu(color testing)

Finished this(for now) an hour ago. Starting to get used to coloring with ink a little more, but coloring larger areas will take me a while to get used to.Except I'm not too fond of how some of the outline inking came out for this one though(-___-), but still satisfied with it!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello everyone to my blogger! First thing,What's up?! I'm TatsuG Shouken and currently I am a self studying/struggling mangaka hahaha. I'll be posting up my studies and what I've been working online so enjoy, critiques are very welcome!!!! Please critique and praise but I'd like to hear more critiques so i can fix flaws, etc. So anyway here's the first piece I'll be posting up today, Inuyasha taken from the cover of Vol.2(of the same name of course)! So pretty much used Dr. Martin's India Inks with water for color and Kuretake Manga Ink with Zebra G-pen for the outlines. This was fun to do!!! And also getting used to color a little more! Well that's it for now! See ya!